Team Surgeon Places with 3 in Top 10 at K&M/Kahles Precision Rifle Championship Weekend

Team Surgeon places 3 of the Top 10 finishes at the K&M/Kahles Precision Rifle Championship Weekend on May 27th-28th, 2017 in Finger, TN.

David Preston – 2nd (3-way tie)

Bannon Eldridge – 5th

Paul Reid – 9th

Jerry Karloff – 13th

Regina Milkovich – 28th (4-way tie)

Tim Milkovich – 35th (5-way tie)

“This was a great match held at one of the finest facilities in the country. The course of fire was fair, challenging, and fast paced. The light winds (3-5mpg) proved a little tricky on day 2 due to the heavily wooded boundary that surrounds this range. You really needed to keep on the scope to spot hits/misses. Target sizes were fair, the toughest part of the match was maintaining your focus on every stage as every mental error could cost you 5 places on the score sheet. The most fun stage was by far the Shoot House, with the most difficult stage requiring shooters to walk targets out from 1,000-1,200yds in the rain.” – Paul Reid