Armalite Announces 2016 Team Armalite Competitive Shooters

Armalite is proud to announce their line-up of competitive shooters for 2016. Returning for his third season with Team Armalite, Greg Jordan will be joined by veteran shooter John Mouret and up-and-coming Hunter “Nubs” Cayll. Team Armalite will be supported by sister company Nexus Ammunition, along with the other Strategic Armory Corps brands.

Greg Jordan, hot off his 2015 winning streak, will be returning to Team Armalite as a force to be reckoned with. He finished last season with 6 first place finishes, 10 top ten finishes, and took second place at the 3 Gun Nation Pro Series Championship. Jordan said, “Knowing the role Armalite has played in the development of firearms throughout history, specifically the AR-15 platform, I consider this a great honor. This will be my third year shooting for Armalite and I am excited as ever. Shooting quality products from these companies makes my job easy!” Keep an eye out for Jordan on the 3 Gun circuit, his ability to clear a stage is a true spectacle to watch!

Well known on the 3 Gun circuit, Armalite is welcoming Hunter “Nubs” Cayll as a new addition for the 2016 season. Cayll, relatively new to competitive shooting, has proven that being born with no hands and a significant bilateral club-foot with leg length discrepancies, is “no excuse” to keep him from succeeding at anything he puts his mind to. “I’m really proud to be representing Armalite! I’ve been a huge believer in their product awhile now and I’m honored to have their support,” said Cayll.

Also joining Team Armalite this year will be John Mouret, a veteran shooter and Sergeant with Arizona Department of Public Safety, based out of Phoenix, AZ. “Armalite has become an innovator in the industry, bringing a turn-key competition rifle to the market. Combined with the camaraderie and professionalism at Armalite, I’m thrilled to represent the team in both the law enforcement and competitive environments,” said Mouret. In addition to 3 Gun competitions, Mouret will be participating in Law Enforcement multi-gun matches utilizing off the shelf patrol rifle configurations from Armalite.